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They are a handful but the ladies LOVE ‘em.

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Top 15 Mass Effect Characters
Number 04 Urdnot Wrex

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Kaidan, I’m flattered and all, but get that ring out of my face before I smash you into an unrecognizable pulp. 

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are going

to repopulate

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I have some questions for you:

- Will a couple’s same-sex relationship hinder my work on the battlefield?

- Will it stop me from being chief of Tuchanka?

- Will it make the world explode?

If you answered no to all of those, then I don’t care what two males decide to do behind closed doors.

You’d think in a world with Asari we would be past all this discriminatory nonsense. 

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OOC: closing the ask box for a bit

I am deeply flattered at the immense amount of interest for 4balls (lol interest for balls), but I am closing the ask box for a while to catch up on my messages. I don’t want to spam you guys too much with ask wrex posts which is why I only upload on the weekends and only a few at a time. I hope you all understand!